Amplify Endowment Management provides highest quality endowment portfolio management specifically tailored for charitable foundations and non-profit organizations. Amplify combines its asset allocation expertise with index fund investing, thereby enabling foundations to meet their endowment return objectives with significant cost savings, transparency, and liquidity. By utilizing Amplify's approach, a greater percentage of a foundation's assets can be spent on mission objectives rather than investment manager fees.


Asset Allocation

While most endowment managers focus their efforts on fund manager identification, Amplify focuses on rigorous, quantitative asset allocation that incorporates volumes of available data plus analytics-based forecasting to create superior performing portfolios.

Index Funds

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Over time, active fund managers are most likely to either match or fall short of benchmark performance. Fund managers that can beat benchmarks year in and year out are rare, comprising of less than 1% of active fund managers today. Index funds generate better overall returns at a lower cost than active managers on average.

Performance Impact


Superior asset allocation generates improved investment performance while index funds perform better and at a lower cost than active funds. The result: stronger financial health of your foundation's investments, allowing your foundation to invest more in its social mission.